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Hiddensee seminar 2006: the group incl. Nikolai Chtchedrin, Hanns von Hofer, Dirk van Zyl Smit, Detlev Kraus and Tapio Lappi-Sepp├Ąl├Ą.


As research at the department is has an international and interdisciplinary focus, there are a lot of co-operations with other research institutions, both within and outside the University of Greifswald. In addition, the team are in touch with renowned criminologists from Germany and abroad.

Approval: Funding for 4 years of research networking within the COST Programme!

The department of criminology received word from the COST Office on 2nd December that the proposal for a COST Action on Offender Supervision in Europe has been approved This is an intensely competitive process -- only a handful of awards are made annually in the fields of humanities and social sciences. The success of the bid owes a great deal to the preparatory work by members of the ESC Working Group on Community Sanctions: Christine Morgenstern from the Department of Criminology in Greifswald, Fergus McNeill (Glasgow, UK), Kristel Beyens (Brussels, Belgium), Miranda Boone (Groningen/Utrecht, the Netherlands), Ioan Durnescu (Bucarest, Romania), Martine Herzog-Evans (Reims, France), and Gwen Robinson (UK). Though the details remain to be negotiated with the COST Office, the award will fund four years of research networking and capacity building across the 14 (or more) member states involved. In the Management Committee Germany will be represented by Christine Morgenstern, Ineke Pruin and Frieder D├╝nkel.

Co-operation outside the university

  • COST Action IS 1106 Offender Supervision in Europe (Christine Morgenstern, Frieder D├╝nkel, Ineke Pruin).
  • Erasmus-Programme with about 20 European universities
  • Tempus-Programme Reform of studies in law in selected areas of penal, civil and public law at the University of Krasnoyarsk/Russian Federation with the Tilburg University/The Netherlands (main Tempus-Project 1998-2001)
  • Max-Plank-Institute for Foreign and International Penal Law, Freiburg/Germany (Prof. Dr. H.-J. Albrecht)
  • Kriminologisches Forschungsinstitut Niedersachsen (Prof. Dr. C. Pfeiffer)
  • Institute for Criminology at the University of T├╝bingen (Prof. Dr. H.-J. Kerner)
  • Institute for Empirical Research in the Field of Law, , University of Constance (Prof. Dr. W. Heinz, G. Spie├č)
  • Research on juvenile criminology, an association of about 15 researchers from universities in Eastern and Western Europe, as well as Montreal/Canada; organisation of international conferences
  • Tendencies of development and reforms of the juvenile criminal law in East and West Europe, a network of about 25 researchers, joint publications and conferences
  • Association Internationale des Magistrats de la Jeunesse et de la Famille, Sion/CH (since 1994 part of the executive committee)
  • Research on prison systems, a global network of about 25 researchers on imprisonment, joint conferences.

Co-operation within the university

Participation in the Community Medicine network
  • Study of Health in Pomerania (SHIP): Questionnaire on Victimisation (prevalence and rate).
  • Project Analysing community structures and victimisation in Greifswald and its surroundings - Assistance and care for victims wihtin the Community Medicine Approach, a study in the context of SHIP.
  • Project Social and legal biography of persons driving under the influence of alcohol in Pomerania (1998-2001) within the Community Medicine Focus Medical and social effects of alcohol abuse in cooperation with the Institute of Legal Medicine (Prof. Lignitz) and the Institute of Psychology (Prof. Bornewasser).
Other co-operations
  • Faculty of Philosophy: teaching the subsidiary subject Criminology, Juvenile Justice, Corrections (Psychology, B.A. Public Law)
  • Faculty of Medicine: Psychiatric and Psychotherapeutic Clinic: psychological stress in prisoners

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