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Criminological research in Greifswald started in 1992 when Frieder D├╝nkel was appointed to the professorship. Our work covers both criminologic basic research (e.g. juveniles' experience of violence) and application-oriented topics such as juvenile criminal law or the execution of sanctions.

At present, several comprehensive projects are running which concern juvenile justice systems, imprisonment and criminal procedure in an international (although limited to Europe) comparative perspective. These projects study legal foundations as well as their implementation and the reality of these areas of the criminal justice system.
Within the frame of the research network "Community Medicine", the department of criminology's focus is on problems of alcohol and delinquency, especially traffic delinquency.

Research areas
  • Juvenile criminality and crime prevention
  • Juvenile criminal law
  • Execution of sanctions, esp. custodial sanctions
  • International comparative research
  • Victimisation in Western Pomerania
  • Right wing extremism and xenophobia

Prof. Dr. Frieder D├╝nkel
Wollweberstr. 1
Raum 145-147
17489 Greifswald
Tel: +49 (0)3834 86-2116

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